Swagclub: The day before.


There’s a great divide between when you were an amateur and when you turned pro.
A chasm. You crossed it, or you didn’t.
This isn’t an original thought of mine, I pinched it (&wholly embrace it!) from my hero Steven pressfield.
But it’s true. You lot that turned pro remember that day. That…

PopTech Board Chair Cheryl Heller on reinventing how we teach young adults to be leaders


Never before has a generation needed or had access to more tools to take on the real work that needs to be done in our societies. New leaders are emerging who are less willing to define themselves with a job title than their ability to create value wherever they are. In response, hundreds of new higher educational programs have emerged that focus on creativity and preparing students to solve the world’s big problems.

This is because education is shifting from a focus on what works for teachers to a focus on what students need to succeed and thrive. Businesses learned this long ago, with the emergence of the “consumer-driven” paradigm—a self-evident revelation that’s easier to agree with than it is to execute. When education serves students, many of the old beliefs become obsolete; schools that considered themselves competitors become partners by sharing content, faculty and facilities, combining strengths, offering more customized learning, and making life more interesting for all involved.

But in order to truly serve the future leaders of our society, we need to look at the existing failures of contemporary higher education, and the innovations taking place to improve them.

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9.blog: understanding 'traffic,' and how it may or may not mean users


And Yahoo, despite its tattered reputation, is No. 1 in 10 content categories, according to the measurement service comScore, including news, finance, sports, entertainment and real estate. Yahoo reaches more than 75 percent of the total Internet audience in the United States, with 167.2 million…

Use the ChargeCard to get rid of your old iPhone charging cables


It’s a fair statement to say that during the day, for iPhone users your battery will run low at at some point, and you will need to plug in your phone with the charger and cable to get some much needed juice to your device. However, carrying around your cable is bulky and a pain, especially for guys.

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Only 32.7% of the world population is estimated to have internet access as of December 31, 2011

Summing Up Our Digital Divide (via thenextweb)

(via thenextweb)

In tragedies such as these, there is understandably a lot of focus on the loss of life. But the injuries sustained here are war-like. People will be living with unspeakable injuries and making remarkable comebacks and we will cover them for as long as it takes. We will report about how society takes care of these broken bodies and injured souls and we will chronicle their triumphs. We realize the recovery is a huge story in the months and years to come. That recovery is not just physical. It is psychic as well. We have demonstrated that we can stay with a story for a decade in the case of Columbine. This will be no different.

—In a thorough Q&A with The Maynard Institute for Journalism Education, Denver Post Editor Gregory L. Moore discusses how his paper is covering the Aurora killings.  (via futurejournalismproject)


Watch Every Super Bowl Ad Worth Seeing

	The ads via @FastCompany worth seeing from Superbowl 46


Watch Every Super Bowl Ad Worth Seeing

The ads via @FastCompany worth seeing from Superbowl 46

Clemson student creates his own job - Spend Local SC

Spend Local SC

Chase Livingston is getting ready to graduate from Clemson, but he’s not waiting to find a job. He’s creating one.

He’s starting up Spend Local SC - hoping to make some money at supporting local businesses.

Listen to his phone interview with me.  Click the play arrow to listen.

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Facebook’s secret friend ranking list


It shouldn’t be a surprise that Facebook is tracking who we interact with the most on Facebook, right? So it shouldn’t be too shocking you can click and see it right on your very own Facebook page.

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